Monday, December 30, 2013

Pantone Color for 2014: Radiant Orchid

Get ready for luscious shades of purple in 2014. The color experts at Pantone have dubbed Radiant Orchid the color for the new year.  We can't wait to mix and match the complements and contrasts!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh, Baby!

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~ Elizabeth Stone~

Baby showers can be cute without being cute-sie!  A great plan and design can make for a classy and unforgettable baby shower.  Yellow Canary did a recent baby shower that was just that!

The tables were adorned with an assortment of small bud vases and larger arrangements.
Classic building blocks brought bright pops of color to the elegant florals.

Classic children's books brought height and texture to the table and will bring beauty to the baby's bookshelf after the shower and knowledge and imagination to the baby forevermore!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Reception Entertainment: Fire it Up!

Photo Courtesy of Circus Mojo
Trying to make your wedding reception or event stand out from the rest?  Try a fire spinner or fire dancer!  Cherie Dawn, the Cincinnati area performer pictured here can dance with, spin and eat fire!

Photo Courtesy of David Sorcher Metro Mix
You could kick off the dancing at your wedding reception with a fantastic performance or bring your fire artist in as a surprise in the middle of the reception. 

For non-wedding events,  a fire performance outdoors at the end of the event is a great way to signal the closing of a wonderful and unforgettable evening.  

Photo Courtesy of Nichlas Viltrakis

Monday, November 25, 2013

Art in Bloom

Yellow Canary's Kristen Sekowski was honored with the invitation to present at The Cincinnati Art Museum's Art in Bloom; an annual event in which designers interpret works of art from the museum's collection. Kristen's inspirations were the Dutch Masters Still Life collection.

 Ars longa, vita brevis (Art is long, life is short)

 Painted images prolonged the experience of nature.  Finely painted flowers brought tremendous pleasure during a cold Dutch winter.  Permanence was considered a great virtue of art-it outlasts nature. (From Still Life Painting

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Starks/Boll Wedding at the Museum Center (September)

Feminine shades of blush and fuchsia with hearty accents of wheat and eucalyptus brought together with dreamy whites for the Starks/Boll wedding at the Museum Center in September.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Diner en Blanc - Cincinnati

(From the Website) At the last minute, the location is given to thousands of friends and acquaintances who have been patiently waiting to learn the “Dîner en Blanc's” secret place. Thousand of people, dressed all in white, and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, all meet for a mass “chic picnic” in a public space.

Yellow Canary was honored to be a part of the secret for this year's Diner en Blanc. (Photo by Scott Beseler Photography)

Born 25 years ago in Paris...

Launched with just a handful of friends by François Pasquier over 25 years ago, Paris' Dîner en Blanc now assembles nearly 15,000 people each year. The French capital's most prestigious sites have played host to it: the Pont des Arts, the Eiffel Tower site, Place Vendôme, the Château de Versailles, the Esplanade de Notre-Dame, the Esplanade des Invalides, the periphery of the Place de l'Étoile, the Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde and this year:  Le Louvre Pyramid and the Trocadéro Esplanade at the ame time! The Paris police tend to tolerate this ‘wild' gathering, if not perhaps even wishing they could join in!

More photos by Scott Beseler Photography here.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dia de Muertos

Yellow Canary had the pleasure of being a part of Lizzie and Mike's Dia de Muertos inspired wedding.  It was a fresh and creative event so full of color and imagination! (More photos to come)... 

About Day of the Dead 

Dia de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead—is a holiday celebrated on November 1. Although marked throughout Latin America, Dia de los Muertos is most strongly associated with Mexico, where the tradition originated.

Dia de los Muertos honors the dead with festivals and lively celebrations, a typically Latin American custom that combines indigenous Aztec ritual with Catholicism, brought to the region by Spanish conquistadores. (Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on All Saints Day and All Souls Day, minor holidays in the Catholic calendar.)

Assured that the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness, Dia de los Muertos celebrates the lives of the deceased with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life. Dia de los Muertos recognizes death as a natural part of the human experience, a continuum with birth, childhood, and growing up to become a contributing member of the community. On Dia de los Muertos, the dead are also a part of the community, awakened from their eternal sleep to share celebrations with their loved ones.

                               The Masks

The most familiar symbol of Dia de los Muertos may the calacas and calaveras (skeletons and skulls), which appear everywhere during the holiday: in candied sweets, as parade masks, as dolls. Calacas and calaveras are almost always portrayed as enjoying life, often in fancy clothes and entertaining situations.

The mask to the right is the work of local artist Robyn Roth. You can see more of her work and masks here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yellow Canary Couple: Rene and Matt

Such a vibrant wedding for Yellow Canary couple, Rene and Matt.  Their early August wedding was bright and original with plenty of fun and romance.  Their reception, or "Matt - Ne" was held at the 20th Century in Oakley; photos by Geradine Ciulla Wedding Photography. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mum's the Word

Who doesn't love mums?  They are an earthy, vibrant bloom and versatile to boot!  They are equally suitable for a bridal bouquet or for a barn dance and oh, the array of colors and style.

With a history that dates back to 15th century B.C., chrysanthemum mythology is filled with amultitude of stories and symbolism. Named from the Greek prefix “chrys-“ meaning golden (its original colour) and “-anthemion,” meaning flower, years of artful cultivation have produced a full range of colours, from white to purple to red. Daisy-like with a typically yellow centre and a decorative pompon, chrysanthemums symbolize optimism and joy. They’re the November birth flower and  the 13th wedding anniversary flower.
In Japan, there’s even a “Festival of Happiness” to celebrate this flower each year. A symbol of the sun, the Japanese consider the orderly unfolding of the chrysanthemum’s petals to represent perfection, and Confucius once suggested they be used as an object of meditation. It’s said that a single petal of this celebrated flower placed at the bottom of a wine glass will encourage a long and healthy life.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weddings in Film

Taking a look at films today.  In no particular order here are a few favorite clips of weddings in film.  Be it romantic, silly, fairy-tale or just preposterous, who doesn't love a good wedding scene?

1) Love Actually- All You Need is Love.   This is a favorite film for many reasons, but who didn't love the surprise recessional at the beginning of the film?

2) 27 Dresses.  As a bridesmaid many times over, I loved the final scene from 27 Dresses, it was a definite reply to the "you can use it again" that comes from many brides!

3) Father of the Bride- Franck.  Martin Short as a wedding planner; classic!!!

4) The Wedding Planner.  I have a "planning crush" on the efficiency and military precision of the wedding at the beginning of the film!  If only I can be as prepared for anything.

5) The Princess Bride- Mawwrage...  This is a classic movie on all accounts, but who doesn't love this scene?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Kate and Brock's Pastoral Wedding

Updated 1/14/14

Studio 213 Films  posted a wonderful film featuring the lovely Kate and Brock and their fantastic wedding.  You can see it here.

Kate and Brock's wedding last weekend was such a pleasure to be a part of! The bucolic setting and beautiful weather were things that dreams are made of. The florals were simple, elegant and natural with lots of herbs. The farm tables were a mix of eucalyptus, bay, olive, and rosemary with layers of romantic candlelight. The napkins had a sprig of lavender and rosemary. The overall setting was earthy and fragrant.

It was great to work again with Viva Bella Events and Funky's Catering and a big thanks to All Occasions Event Rentals for your assistance with placing the chandelier.

An evening shot from our friends at Viva Bella Events.