Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Texture: Part Two: Height and Variance

       A mixture of pillars, votive and taper with assorted heights;
herbal boughs add continuity.
Another wonderful idea to add richness and depth to your event is to vary the height and scope of your tables.  To avoid the "coolie cutter" look of completely identical tables mix the size, shape and placement of centerpieces and focal points.  Mind you, keep the theme consistent and your overall look will have one of rich cohesion.

A beautifully textured tablecloth with varied sizes
and shapes of  glassware.

Common themes of flowers and containers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Texture: Part One- Subtle Texture with Linens

Texture is such an integral part of overall design and richness.  Better Homes and Gardens's article "Make an Impact with Texture" noted, "Color and pattern definitely make a statement. Texture may not be as obvious, but the impact can be just as dramatic. Make conscious choices about how and where you add texture and your decor will thank you."

So true, so true!  Texture can be subtle, a lush tablecloth or a tablecloth with subtle but elegant details, instead of the standard linen.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sonya and Shahryar: Bold and Traditional

Yellow Canary had the honor of working with Sonya and Shahryar on their 2013 wedding at the Hilton Cincinnati Neatherland Plaza.  We loved the details of this wedding so much we thought we would share some of their non-floral photos as well!   Photos by: Steve Lyons Wedding Photography.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine: 25 Things You'll Forget to Plan

Yellow Canary's Kristen Sekowski helped Cincinnati Wedding Magazine with a few helpful hints for your wedding day in "25 Things You'll Forget to Plan".  There are so many great tips, it is a must read for anyone getting ready for their big day.

Wedding professionals are great go-to resources for planning and preparing for any event; they do this every day, week and year!

Have a question?  I'll bet that the answer can be sought from you Florist, Photographer, Planner, Caterer, Rental Company or Baker, just to name a few.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February's Violet

The birth flower for February is  the violet .  In the language of flowers, the violet signifies watchfulness, loyalty and faithfulness and  tells the receiver that you will always be there for them.
To Victorians, a white violet says, "Let's take a chance".
and a colored Violet says, "I'll always be true".