Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dreamy and Lush: Romantic Greenacres Wedding

Early June was VERY kind to couples in Cincinnati this year.  Our recent wedding at GreenAcres could not have been a more perfect day.  There was just enough chill in the air and everything was fresh and crisp. The vision for the wedding was dreamy, lush gardens; timeless romance and mother nature agreed with the plan giving the couple a brilliant blue sky to complement the floral arch Yellow Canary constructed for the couple's vows.

The reception tent was a romantic, lush space with soft pinks, vintage lace, and candlelight.  Cozy round tables were interspersed with rustic farm tables making the space have a unified, elegant feel.

The bride chose to have a different bouquet for each of her attendants- below are a few of them waiting before ceremony.

This event was designed by the fabulous Viva Bella Events and Catered by Jeff Thomas Catering , stationary by Poeme, cake my Maribelle Cakery, lighting by Goodwin Lighting, video by Studio 213 Films and photographed by Michael Bambino & co.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yellow Canary: Everyday "Must Haves"

Everyone has their little list of "must have" brands or products.  While the rest of the "canarys" are flitting around during our wedding season, I will contribute the Ginny list of everyday must-have products.  All will share by the end of the summer- feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments section!

1. Coffee- I have a few favorite brands or coffee shops, but truly, as long as it is strong and not scalding hot- it is all good to me!

2. Aquafresh Extreme Clean- If you have not tried this toothpaste I suggest you try it!  My mouth still feels fresh, even after the coffee I enjoy all morning.  The "extreme" in the name is not kidding around- this is not for the faint of heart!

3. Clinique Foundation and Powder- I have ├╝ber-red skin and spend a fair amount of my "primping" time hiding my red cheeks and after years of trying to find the perfect cover, I have finally come up with a faceplan that works for me.  I use a foundation brush to apply the Clinique Redness Solution foundation to the apple of my cheeks and wherever it is the reddest.  After it settles, I use  the Superpowder Double Face Powder all over to even and smooth.  Neither makeup system is too heavy  or chunky- the overall effect is pretty smooth.

4. Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance Lotion- I wear sunscreen regularly but like a little color, so lotion with a tiny bit of self tanner is my way to go.  It covers naturally and smells good and is not too heavy to wear in the hot summer!

5.Peppermint Stick- This is an awesome headache stick that I picked up at Nourish in Savannah, Georgia.  After the first application I was hooked; it helps relieve a headache, cools you when you are hot and helps you focus when you are fatigued.

6. Nourish Soap- Speaking of Nourish, I have had one of their bars of soap in one scent or another for the past three years or so.  The Lavender Oatmeal bar is probably my favorite, but they are all wonderful!